Digital Vision Board


I spent a little time last week considering the direction I hope to go and the habits I'd like to continue or cultivate. So I took a little time to create this digital vision board that reflects the things I want to prioritize in 2018 along with what I think my word might be. Some of these images symbolize literal adventures I hope to take in 2018, some of them symbolize areas that I want to be more consistent in. I have a LOT of interests and the surprising thing that creating this vision board forced me to do was to prioritize my priorities. I could only include what would fit in the spaces I allowed. And so -- some of the intentions I thought would make the cut -- didn't. I guess it will be a bonus if those intentions become reality! I know that if what is pictured here in my vision board comes to pass at the end of 2018 ... it will have been a year with zero regrets. ⠀

2018 Vision Board.jpg

If you have any interest in creating your own digital vision board, I put together a short video (about 12 minutes) sharing step by step how I created this! Also included are a few bonus nuggets regarding image sourcing that you may not have known. Click the button below to access the tutorial!