On the 1st Day of Christmas ....


In lieu of offering one final holiday shop update, I decided to stretch it out over the first 12 Days of Christmas. Each day I’ll offer a new item or collection of items along with a thought, reflection, or quote to cultivate a more mindful or purposeful Christmas. I’m struggling to quiet my spirit this season. So I’m offering this “12 Days of a Mindful Christmas” as much for myself as I am for you! I hope you’ll join me as we journey together into December with a purposeful and intentional mindset.

Our tree is full of meaningful ornaments that tell a story of the past 20 years. Photos of my children from each year as they’ve grown. Ornaments representing milestones or places we’ve visited. Quirky handmade ornaments. I recognize that these memories might be hard to revisit one day. Maybe someone reading today is in that place. Memories can bring both joy and pain, but can you imagine if those beautiful memories didn’t exist at all? You have permission to feel sadness or joy or both at the same time this season. Part of being more purposeful this season is giving yourself and others a lot of Grace.

I made some new ornaments for this First Day of Christmas, the manger, nativity, the Star of Bethlehem and more trees. There are multiples of each so more than one of you can enjoy their simple, minimalist beauty.


Julie Kittredge