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On the 2nd Day of Christmas ....


Do you struggle with giving great gifts or coming up with ideas?  I think the best gift givers are the people who are great listeners.

They are the people who hear the deeper longings behind a casual comment.

Sometimes my brain is so full of planning and details and the business of life that I don't have room to really listen to the deeper longings of the people in my life. And I know that the best gifts I've ever received were the gifts where someone picked up on a deeper desire I expressed without even knowing I said it much less they heard it.

It's only the second day of Christmas. Giving a great gift feels amazing because it's an expression of love. It creates a heart connection. You have lots of time to discern what would be meaningful to those you love. Try asking some strategic questions or listen hard during your next coffee date. You might be surprised at what you hear when you really listen ...  

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