On the 6th Day of Christmas ....


"Always winter and never Christmas; 
think of that!"
"How awful!" said Lucy.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

How. Awful. Especially here in the Windy City where winter is 75% grey and 25% pretty (this coming from an optimist and one who loves snow!) Christmas helps take my eyes of the gloom and focus on the gifts in my life, the gifts I want to give, and the people I love to spend time with.

What spirit of Christmas do you want to cultivate this season? Own your Christmas. Seek Joy. Even if Christmas is difficult, there is Joy to be found. It only takes one spark of gratitude to ignite a new perspective. Easier said than done in difficult seasons, I know. But don’t miss the heart of Christmas. Stop the cycle of crazy. Sit in the quiet - a lost art I think - and choose your focus. You really really don’t want to miss it because this is the only Christmas you get in 2018! :)


Kids Pottery Sets

Let the kids play with their own pieces of pottery!

A beautiful alternative to a tea-set!



Julie Kittredge