There's no shame in throwing your own party!


With every year that passes I am more convinced that I have the liberty to throw my own birthday party in whatever way is meaningful for me at the time. An unashamed celebration of another year I get to live.  Last year I invited several friends to go out for dinner. This year ... it will be a sweet quiet dinner at home with my family. Truthfully -- I celebrate a whole birthday month! Why not? 

This week, however, is my actual BIRTHDAY WEEK and I am celebrating with a few gifts for YOU! Good through Sunday!

For the Ceramics Lover

Number 1 is for those who have been eyeballing a few pieces of ceramics. This is your chance to get 25% off your entire purchase. I'm clearing out for a new batch this spring! Here are just a few that are available right now. 


Get 25% off your entire purchase! 

For the Small Business Owner

Number 2 is for my business audience. As a marketing coach I work with all kinds of businesses at all kinds of stages. Many want to know how to use social media strategically for their business. Some are just getting started and want to launch well. Others have an idea but need a little direction and accountability to make things happen in the right order. And still others need help with wording the content on their website or tweaking the existing content so it's intentional, targeted, and streamlined.

If you're interested in coaching or have been thinking about it for a while, this is your chance to get a high impact taste of what it's like to work with me. When you book your website audit:

  1. You will answer a few questions in the booking form.
  2. I will take the time to review your site in advance and take notes.
  3. During our scheduled time, I will call you and talk through some of the suggestions I have for streamlining and clarify wording on your site.
  4. Following the call, I will send a followup email with all of my suggestions in writing so you might even be able to copy and paste some of the changes! :) 

The website audit has the potential to make a big impact on your business with just a few simple strategic tweaks and is a great way to have someone totally unbiased review your site for clarity and navigation. 

In order to qualify for this session you must have an existing website available for review. 


$50 off a Website Audit

All audit's booked by Sunday qualify. Discount is reflected at time of booking. No coupon needed!

A birthday rolls around just once a year .... help me celebrate! 

Julie Kittredge