100 Days of Ceramics : The Story Part 1


We have lived in our home for 20 years. And for all those years, I've carved out creative space anywhere I could find a nook. This is common for creatives. We create our own space in closets, under stairwells, in the corner of a basement, our bedrooms, even taking over an entire dining room if you have an especially supportive and understanding family like my friend Christine

In the early days, I had a whole bedroom ... but then comes baby in the baby carriage.  We had our 2nd child ... and our 3rd child. Though I do have my very own desk in the living room, clay dust and splatters are obviously not conducive to the living space. Without a basement, I have wiggled my way into a corner of the garage -- which was supposed to be the sacred space of my husband's workshop. The glazing and hand-building happens at my kitchen table where we sometimes try to eat as a family. Midwest winters limit my throwing to the months of May - October when my materials get stored back in the house to avoid destroying the raw clay and glaze in the freeze/thaw cycle.


I don't even want to show you the cord that runs across the driveway from the kiln in our detached garage to the heavy duty outlet with it's dedicated breaker in our home. It's not classy. At. All. But it allows me to make pretty things and fire them up after glazing at my kitchen table. This setup has gotten me started. To where I am today ... but I need more. This setup is limiting and if I'm going to be dedicating more time to this ceramics gig that I totally love and want a future at, I'm going to need something more permanent. More warm. More ideal. More year-round. 

Next week I'll reveal the early stages of my plan and more details about the 100 Days of Ceramics!! 

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Starting June 1st

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