Day 68: 100 Days


Once a year I try to get away alone for two nights. It's usually in the dead of winter at a local retreat center and it always seems to land during a snow storm, which can be quite a beautiful getaway. This year that storm was bad enough to keep me home-bound. So I rescheduled for the summer and went on a solo camping trip last week instead!! We have camped for 20 years. Ken and I went backpacking last August. And last week -- I took my backpack and camped solo. It was a great experience.  It allows me to get away from ALLL the distractions. To rest in the beauty of nature that speaks to the depth of my soul.  I go away so that I can listen. I journal. I read. I sleep. I walk. I pray. I reflect. I listen. I do nothing.  These annual 2 night getaways are the ultimate soul care and a critical piece in my pursuit of wholeness. 

Medium Wall Hanging



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