Day 97: 100 Days


I've learned .....

I've learned the trick to keeping the houseplants alive .... water them once a week. For real. It works! 

I've also learned the trick of how to respond to people rather than react in the moment. Stop talking. There is often more power in silence than there is in the last word. 

I've learned that if you are willing to be vulnerable, it opens the flood gates for others to do so as well. Everyone has a hard story to tell. 

I've learned that the more true I've become to my story and my willingness to always grow, learn, and change ... the less I care about what other people think.  

I've learned that growth sometimes hurts and the idea of change is more scary than the actual change itself. But both are worth it. Every. Time. 

I've learned that I can survive that one thing I was most afraid of. And that I have more responsibility and more power and more control than I realized over my heart, my attitudes, my choices, my journey, my legacy. 

Stack of 8 Dessert Bowls.

Each color represents the main colors used throughout the 100 Days. 

97 BLUE.jpg


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