Day 99: 100 Days


Top 10 Things I learned over the 100 Days:

  1. My husband really really loves me. Really loves me. 
  2. I am more creative than I thought. 
  3. If you commit yourself to something and show up everyday - you can accomplish and grow more than you ever thought possible. 
  4. I live in a community that is eager to support local art. 
  5. The dreams God places in your soul are worth fighting for. Even if it takes 25 years. 
  6. Major projects like this are not sustainable for the long term. But are sometimes necessary in the short term. 
  7. The journey of becoming more yourself is not smooth but it is worth pursuing, worth the bumps, worth the risks. 
  8. I have gained a confidence that I did not have when I started. 
  9. Baring your soul is risky. But that is what people relate to. Because we all have souls. And we have more in common than we realize. 
  10. When things come crashing down, there are many ways to respond. You choose your response. Pick up the pieces and focus on your next right thing.


Set of .... ONE Kitchen ContaineR (WAs going to be 3)



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