Day 14: 100 Days


I spent some time in counseling after a rough patch that left me confused, alone, and pretty battered emotionally. I discovered some things that have changed my life in that process. Like my power of choice. Fill in the blank with the same exact statement. I can say "I *can't* ________."  Or I can say, "I *choose* not to ________." Fill in the blank for yourself. Do you hear the difference? By owning your choices, you give yourself power. You regain freedom. You develop that "choice" muscle. By changing one word from "can't" to "choose" -- you become much less a victim and much more intentional. What are some things that you feel you can't do? What if you tried the word *choose* in place of that? Own your choices. How would that change things for you? I think this is one of the most powerful lessons I've learned as I journey live more intentionally.

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