Day 18: 100 Days


If it isn't a "Heck Yes" then it's a clear "No." 

"No" is an awesome word. It was even the One Word I choose a few years ago. I learned this "Heck Yes/No" mindset in the book Essentialism, by Greg McKowen. It may seem too black and white but for me, it's been a a great tool to identify what I REALLY want to commit to. Using this filter has helped me maintain a simple lifestyle, save money, control my schedule, and more.  I practice this when I'm shopping. Accepting invitations to speak. Considering volunteer opportunities. It's a fabulous way to make sure I"m living inside of my priorities. If it isn't a "Heck Yes" then it's a clear "No."  It gets easier with practice. I promise.   

For the record ... this mug is a HECK YES! :) 

Single Mug



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