Day 19: 100 Days


Adventure days are important days that I schedule in at least once a month. Sometimes I'll rent a kayak at the Skokie Lagoons, sometimes I'll drive to the beach, sometimes I explore a new area of the Windy City, sometimes I take my camera, sometimes I take my planner, sometimes I take a friend but most of the time I adventure alone. These adventures feed my need for discovery and they keep me inspired.  They help clear my head and help me to observe the world around me. But the truth is they don't happen if they aren't schedule on the calendar. Adventure days are like a non-negotiable meeting with myself. 

Recently my daughter and I took an adventure to Chinatown for the quirky shops and the bubble tea. They were selling these little stalks of bamboo and I thought -- what a perfect thing to put in a pot for YOU! If you struggle to keep plants alive -- these might be even easier than a succulent! 

Bamboo and Planter



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