Day 26: 100 Days


There's a bit of a tragedy connected with today's offer. You see ... the experience of this bell is totally limited because all you can see is the image of a cute bell ready for Independence Day decor ... but you're totally unable to experience the sweet jingle it makes when the wind jostles the ceramic pieces against each other. That's the part that is most endearing about owning one of these cuties. It's like you're missing part of the story. 

A while back, I got stuck in circumstances that I had no control to change. On the inside I was completely beside myself in frustration at how my story was unfolding. I was sitting alone in the silence, unable to hear the music. I was missing part of the story. My story still isn't finished, but the music has begun to play again and it makes this season all the sweeter because I know how far I've come.

Maybe your music feels quiet now too. Maybe you can't hear the sweet jingle of hope. You're missing part of the story - it's not quite finished. It will evolve and you'll get to the other side where you'll be able to hear the music again. Find the people who will be there for you to help you find the missing parts of your story.   


4th of July Windchime



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