Day 29: 100 Days


Forgiveness is not easy. But it's essential to living an intentional life. Forgiveness doesn't mean what happened is okay or justified or brushed under the rug. The purpose of Forgiveness is to free you from developing a bitter heart. Unforgiveness becomes ugly inside of YOU if left unchecked. Unforgiveness destroys you. Not them. Don't give what happened more power than it deserves in your life. You will never forget, but you can still forgive and build a beautiful life that isn't bound in the heavy chains of unforgiveness. I also believe, sometimes, the process of experiencing the freedom of forgiveness requires a repeated choice to forgive, over and over when the feelings of bitterness and resentment return. When we start to replay the events or words or circumstances over and over in our minds. Choose to forgive as many times as it takes. Again, the choice to forgive is for your benefit. For your freedom. Pursue forgiveness so you don't grow a spirit of bitterness. 

Medium Succulent/Planter Container




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