Day 36: 100 Days


Be a lifelong learner.

I believe an investment in knowledge is one of those things that is irreplaceable. Lifelong learning. Education. Reading books. Learning as much as you can to develop new skills, reading for personal, professional and spiritual growth. Investing in education, conferences, podcasts, more books. The more you know, the more you know. I try to learn from a variety of perspectives. Sometimes they conflict. Sometimes they overlap. Sometimes I don't agree. But I can only formulate my own opinions and mindset by educating myself. And I can contribute to the world in a way that is fully engaged by investing in my personal growth as a human. For me, this has built confidence in my WHY. I'm not just regurgitating what others have told me. I'm not judging other's world views. I'm exploring. I remain curious. I learn to understand, both myself and others. 

Set of 2 Ice Cream Bowls



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