Day 42: 100 Days


“Unfortunately, the people who have the greatest influence in our lives rarely understand the power of their words to shape who we become. They never fully understand that what informs us forms us. Words spoken into a soul are like the hands of a potter pressed against wet clay.” 
― Erwin Raphael McManusThe Artisan Soul: Crafting Your Life into a Work of Art

Chose your words carefully. Speak life into those around you. Take the time to see who someone is. What their gifts are. Who they are becoming. Then speak into them. Life-giving words. I think this is especially true for our teenagers. They need someone to speak the positive character traits we see. Even if we have to dig a little sometimes -- they are there. Speak LIFE into them. They need to know what the best parts of their character are. Not the worst. 

Set of 2 Dessert or Snack Plates



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