Day 47: 100 Days


I read a book titled The Slight Edge a while back. It was all about how your choices today affect the final outcome of our lives more than we realize. Because today's choices, tomorrow's choices, the next day's choices ultimately make us who we become after all the days are done. And we look in the mirror when we're 80. And we wonder why we're not who we thought we would be. It's because we put off today, and tomorrow, and the next day the little things that add up to all the days put together. 

Today's choices matter. Get up. Work out. Eat healthy. Invest in important relationships. Speak life into people. Choose to cultivate kindness, and gratitude, and joy today if that's the kind of person you want to be when you're 80. Delightful old women and men don't become delightful on accident. But ... they might become bitter and angry old people on accident. 

Don't let the days get away from you. Start today. And then do it all over again tomorrow. It will add up. 

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