Day 55: 100 Days


What is Success? 

A fellow creative entrepreneur was reflecting on this question when she started her business. People kept saying, "I hope you're very successful!" Most of them meant financially and she was wrestling with ... is that what defines success for me? It really struck me. 

What does success actually look like? It's not always money. For some it might mean the ability to send their kids to college. For others it might be as simple as greater flexibility in their schedule to be both Mom and Entrepreneur regardless of amount of money made. For others it might be living a life that is true to their soul. Not reflecting the lives of those around them. Not reflecting the values of their culture. But reflecting a life that aligns with their values. Success could easily be a quiet life investing in family and grandchildren and the lives that come through the front door. The world measures success quickly with fame, money, property, vacations, and ownership of beautiful things. But true success is a personal matter. What is successful to me is very different from what is successful to you ... because we value different things.  

Let's embrace that about each other. On social media. In our families.  Success is personal. The only tragedy is when success is defined by others. 

Morning Ritual (Mug, Spoon, Plate)



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