Day 60: 100 Days


I have friends who do hospitality so well. They have a gift for creating a table that is welcoming and beautiful. They throw parties because they love to. They know just the perfect food to serve that will be a big hit. And they make you feel like a queen with their attention to detail. 

Somehow, God didn't think I needed that gift.

Hosting grand get-togethers doesn't come naturally to me, though I love a good party. It's a lot of work and I genuinely don't have that gift of creating beautiful table-scapes with the attention to detail that make people feel welcome and adored. This is an area of my life I want to work on in the coming year. Maybe not the table-scapes but the having people over. 

I used to host more people over when the kids were small -- but that only required mugs of coffee and big bowls of fishies and watermelon. I miss those days. Let me clarify. I don't miss the small children and the fishies, but I do miss the time for friendships and casual hospitality. That's more my style. Come over. Hang out. Eat whatever is available.  (I have teenagers and a husband so that probably means I have frozen pizzas and beer.)  ;)

Large Creamer & Sugar w/ Wood Serving Tray



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