Day 62: 100 Days


My dark season that I've referred to a few times lasted about 4-5 years. The most difficult part of that season anyway. That's a long time. When you're in a season of survival, it's difficult to see beyond the day that you're in and the reality of your circumstances. What I didn't realize at the time, but have since learned, was I had a responsibility. While I couldn't change my circumstances -- I could choose to focus on what I COULD control. And I could choose how I respond to them. 

I don't know if it's because I'm a natural optimist or if it's because it was all I could do not to drown in my own hardship. But this was the season I learned to cultivate Gratitude. Every day, I chose to look for the sunshine in my day. I chose to look for the moments that made my heart sing. I chose to look for where God was saying "I see you." And I chose to say "Thank You" in those moments. I believe in those empty, stuck, lonely days, learning to seek a grateful spirit is the only thing that kept me hanging on. 

(The book 1000 Gifts, by Anne Voskamp was a book that spoke deeply to me during this season of cultivating gratitude.)

Set of 3 Earth Toned Bud Vases



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