Day 63: 100 Days


Books books books! I love reading, though I've hit a season where I'm finding it hard to make the time. My reading time is usually right before bed, but the lazy summer schedule has sabotaged that nightly rhythm. Which is fine in the interest of lovely long summer days.  I tend to gravitate to non-fiction because it feeds my desire for personal, professional, and spiritual growth and in the summer I read at least one good Fiction book. This summer I chose The Memory Keepers Daughter based on a recommendation. It was okay, I enjoyed it but not as much as past reads. My faves have been, The Book ThiefSarah's Key, The Glass Castle, Half Broke Horses (sequel to The Glass Castle), A Man Called Ove, The Nightengale ... to name a few. :)   I always borrow from the library but the creative books ... I buy.  

Planter Bookends



(I used airplants here but you could use succulents ... trinkets .... regular plants .... so cute!! 

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