Day 69: 100 Days


An important part of soul care is listening to your body. You body knows what you need but we often ignore or brush off the messages our bodies give us. The obvious signals are things like, when you feel thirsty, you get a drink. When you feel hungry, you find something to eat.  What about when you're tired, what if you actually gave your body the rest it's asking for?

There are less tangible needs it tells us too. Less about the physical needs and more about the emotional needs. Sometimes, I hear myself saying, "I just want to take the time for a hot bath and a good book." And that longing doesn't let up for a couple of days -- that is my body's way of telling me to take some time for myself. Listen to that longing.

Maybe you sense that you are longing for time with a friend, you might be feeling lonely or disconnected, listen to that. It's your body's way of telling you what it needs. Follow through on those innate emotional needs. They are just as important as your physical. You will feel more whole, less empty, more present, less depleted, if you listen to those gentle nudges. The more you practice this the easier it gets!  Listen and follow through. This is deeper than self care. This is part of soul care. 

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