Day 70: 100 Days


Have I told you about my personal trainer? 

I've wanted to start strength training for several years now. I can't seem to get the motivation or the discipline to do it more than one day a month. Not much strength is being built with that "regular" habit. *Sigh*  Enter - my personal trainer. She's 11 years old. She's my daughter!! And she's a gymnast who has discovered a love for conditioning! I know ... apparently this kind of person exists. Anyway - I noticed how much she new about "arms day" "abs day" etc, she knew what exercises to do. She knew how many reps and how many sets and which exercises to do. So I asked her ... will you be my personal trainer? And so she has been coaching me 3 days a week all summer, keeping me on track and accountable. The truth is, she's incredibly patient and quite diligent. She won't let me say no. And she listens to a LOT of complaining!! 

Don't underestimate the passions of those in your own family!! I'm so inspired by her and without her encouragement, I would not be getting strong. We aren't really even doing the exercises together because she does enough in her own practice -- she's literally just coaching me, watching me suffer, and correcting my form! At 11! :)  

Set of 5 Wall Vases



Look at these as a set of 5 for a unique wall display OR as 5 separate gifts!! They are so pretty!! Each vase has a small hole in the back for hanging. Additional images in listing. 

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