Day 71: 100 Days


Family traditions are something that I never really valued until the kids got older. I struggle with routine and crave variety so I saw tradition as more routine than variety. It wasn't until the boys got older and would talk about their memories of things we would do on a regular basis that I realized -- many family memories are made around traditions! So I've tried to embrace the routine of tradition and create a home that cultivates memory making. If I would say one thing of unsolicited advice about this. Start young -- the boys are teenagers now and family time is NOT their priority these days.  

One of our favorite traditions that has stuck is Friday night pizza and movie night. When the boys were little we used to have a couch that pulled out into a bed. Every Friday night we would open it up and hang out together. The kids loved that routine. These days, there's no more hide-a-bed, and the boys are never home but we still make two big pizzas and watch movies when we're home. And the teenagers raid the leftovers when they get home. Maybe ... as the years pass ... and they have families of their own ... they might ask me for the pizza dough recipe they grew up with and start a tradition of their own! 

Set of 3 Condiment or Dipping Bowls on Tray


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