Day 76: 100 Days


I've been called Spicy. Or was that Spiky.  

It's true. I may have had more defensive barbs a few years ago. Do you have someone in your life who seems sharp, or edgy? Rather than making a judgement about them, consider that they may be dealing with a life issue that has caused some unresolved anger. I know my sharpness with certain people in my life was a defense mechanism. It was a way for me to protect myself from the impending judgement of things they didn't understand or even know about. Dig a little deeper into the wells of compassion when you encounter someone who is a little spikey. What they need is someone to draw closer - to take the time to listen - even though that is the very last thing you or I want to do around a spiky person. Under that hard outer shell is a very vulnerable human.  

Set of 5 Spice Jars + bonus oil or liquid soap jar



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