Day 84: 100 Days


Are you perfect?

Me neither.

Are you a throwaway because you're imperfect?

Me neither.

Can you turn around some of your imperfections?

Maybe, maybe not.

How can you embrace and acknowledge what is not perfect about your life? Instead of fighting it, and wishing it wasn't so, and talking about it all the time -- what if you acknowledged it and called it what it is. Crappy. Not what you expected. Disappointing. It's okay to call it all of those things, and more. It's important, actually.

It's also important to move forward. Make the most of what is imperfect. Sometimes we're too close to the imperfect to see beyond it. In that case - ask a friend for help and insight. They can be a real breath of fresh air and encouragement.

In the spirit of imperfect and a disappointment. I'm giving away today's offer. This beautiful piece is imperfect in that it has 2 cracks that do not affect it's functionality - but they are 2 cracks that would prevent me from offering this for sale. Just like our imperfections, don't make us throw-aways, this imperfect piece is not a throw-away and still has so much to offer. And because I'm calling the shots on the 100 Days Project today I'm breaking all the rules.

In order to qualify for this free piece all you have to do is comment on today's Instagram post and tell me what your favorite takeaway or favorite ceramic piece has been through these first 84 days. You can review past offers and posts by clicking on the #100daysofceramics2018  --- I will draw a winner by 9ish tonight! Ready Set Click on the button below! 

*NOTE* This offer was written BEFORE the new shelving tragedy! The cracks are related to firing, not the fall. 

Rainbow Pitcher



Drawing to win will be pulled tonight! Answer the question in today's Instagram post and tag a friend and you will be entered to win this cute pitcher. Pitcher has a small crack that does not affect it's functionality. 

Original details about this Kickstarter and the WHY behind it can be found HERE

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