Day 82: 100 Days


I recently bought a little magnifying mirror for my bathroom. It magnifies by 8x. I thought I could use a little help because as I age, my eyes have begun to play tricks on me! The kind of tricks that make close up things get blurry. I wear cheap reading glasses to help bring clarity when I read, but this problem also affects applying makeup and other facial maintenance. Have you ever looked at your face in an 8x mirror? Yikes! Wayyyy too much information!!  

It made me think about how we get hung up on the details of our circumstances. Sometimes we 8x little stupid details in our lives making them as big as the pores on our face in an 8x mirror. In reality when you take the time to step back and look at the big picture without magnifying every detail..... you realize how insignificant and misaligned the detail is in the context of the big picture. 

If you're getting wrapped up or bogged down in the details, take some time to step away and refocus. 

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