Day 85: 100 Days


At the time of this writing, it's the day after my shelving catastrophe. Hubby has reinforced the bracket that ripped out of the wall. It's now rated to hold almost 1000 lbs. My heart still feels tender and I've decided to stay away from the studio just for a day as I recover from some of the losses. A few offers at the end of these 15 days will have to be revised ... I just don't have the time to re-create in time because a) the ceramic process is LONG. b) I'm getting ready to do a sale at the Sept. 9 French Market at the same time. 

A few people suggested I make a mosaic out of the remains. Or a piece of art that uses the shards. I love the idea. I really do. I would love to make a piece of art that redeems the brokenness. But in the moment I was too overwhelmed to think about another project. Too disheartened. I'm of the mindset to just move on. The truth is, I'm not sure I want to memorialize this particular experience. And I'm too much of a minimalist to hold onto the pieces for a future project or just for looks. Stuff doesn't hold my heart. I'm of the mindset of letting go and being free. 

Neither approach is wrong. Just different. I might have created a new piece out of a single broken pot. But this mess was too big. Too heartbreaking. It's an experience I want to put behind me. I want to remember the precious heart of my daughter more than I want to memorialize the broken pottery. You can read more about her response in the instagram post and comments the day the accident happened.  I feel like her expression of love was the redemption. 

Here's to recognizing when to step back and take the time to recover, choosing what to hang onto and what to release, and moving forward with freedom. 

Reversible Chip & Dip/ Cake Platter


This is one of those pieces that I completed and said, "I can't believe I made this piece!" It's thrown all in one piece. So proud of this. 


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