Day 49: 100 Days


Have you ever tried to pick One Word to guide your year? It's an exercise I've been ... exercising ... for about 10 years now. If you're not familiar with this practice, it's something I do in stead of making resolutions. Resolutions are limited in that if you don't accomplish it by February -- it usually loses it's luster and you're right back where you started the next January ... get to the gym, lose weight, eat more vegetables, be more patient, blah blah blah. 

Instead, I choose one word each year that relates to something I want to better understand or want to cultivate more of in my life. This word is rich and powerful because it's something that I apply to EVERY area of my life, not just one. For example, many people choose "Health" as a focus but fizzle out before they get traction.

I would apply this word to

  • the books I choose to read to better understand certain health issues or mindsets.
  • my mental health (soul care, counseling, books, meditation).
  • my physical health (exercise, food choices, strength, sleep).
  • my relational health (spouse, family, friendships, relating to strangers).
  • my spiritual health (soul care, prayer, books, seeking to understand the areas I struggle with). 

Can you see how much personal growth can happen if you let the word permeate every choice, every priority, every thought and purpose that you pursue. 

Choosing one word for the year has been one of the most powerful exercises I've practiced in my quest for personal growth and understanding. A few examples of my words have been: Simplify, Rest, Soul Care, No, Change Me, Brave, Live Loved, Explore. 

There's still time. You have just under 6 months until the end of 2018 ... choose one word and let it change you!  

P.S. From Day 50 through Day 100 all emails will be going out at 7:00 AM!! 

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