100 Days of Ceramics : The Kickstarter Part 2


Why would I make 100 pieces of ceramics for 100 days? What is this ambitious project about?

I revealed my current studio space and it's limitations last week. And I eluded that there are some next steps in place for a few much needed changes ... 

I need a studio space that is year-round (heated) and dedicated (out of the garage and kitchen and pantry). I have a vision. A big vision. And it begins with this skeleton of a camper. Ideally someday I'll have a space for workshops but you gotta start small, right? This was our 1984 pop-up camper that finally died last summer.  She kept us dry for 10 years of camping and now gets new life as my ceramic studio! How cool is that? I love a good (epic) repurposing project. Think Tiny House ... except for me it will be a Tiny Studio! Fun? Yes!  It's going to be so cute! Of course I could never ever do this without the muscle and mad skills of my handy hubby. He's a KEY player here ... and totally on board. :)  Tucked between the back of our garage (left) and our garden (right) it's going to be totally charming!! 


The Details of 100 Days of Ceramics

It's a kickstarteR

Each day for 100 Days I will be offering one original piece or set of ceramics. No 2 offerings will be the same! 

  • Pieces will begin at $1 on Day 1 and move up to $2 on Day 2, $3 on Day 3 and so on up to $100 on Day 100. Each item will be priced at an appropriate value -- the same as I would price it in my shop or at a show. The goal is to raise funds as I build my new studio space. 
  • Over the course of the 100 days, I will be sharing the progress we're making on my new little studio on wheels with every step and every purchase that supports this project! It's like my own little Kickstarter! 
  • Those on my 100 Days email list will get 1st dibs in the morning, then around noon I will post here on the blog and on Facebook & Instagram

IT gives back

3% of every purchase from the 100 Days of Ceramics Project will be given to an organization I believe in.

Safe Families for Children.

 This organization provides temporary care for the children of at-risk families while their parent(s) get treatment, get healthy, get stable housing or a stable job, so that the family can stay together. This provides hope and tools for success for the parent (often mom), and minimizes abuse and a cycle of foster care for the children. Our family has hosted 1 child multiple times. Her time with us had a huge impact on her, and us! She and my daughter still remain in touch.

It's full of inspiration

Every day for 100 Days I will offer fresh Inspiration for Building an Intentional Life. 

Each day you will get a very short paragraph about a resource, mindset, book, quote or practice that has influenced living my days more intentionally or making choices that align with my values. I don't want 100 Days of emails to be annoying so I hope this helps make them a worthwhile email to open every day!! I won't send you anything I wouldn't take the time to read myself!! 

Sign up below to get first notice and daily inspiration. Everything gets started with one item for $1 on June 1st! 

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Starting June 1st

It's a kickstarter ...

It gives back ...

It's full of intentional inspiration ...