Handmade Brushes Demo


HI there! It’s been a bit since my last shop update! I ran into a bit of a pickle with my “free kiln” that has served me so well for almost 2 years. We’re having to lay her to rest because she’s become “not-so-free” and not at all energy efficient - she’s become like an old car that no longer warrents the amount of money going into it for repairs. So while I wait for my new …. bigger … more efficient kiln that should last a lifetime … I’m making a few things that have been on my radar for a while! Items that I use and enjoy and hope you might too! One of them includes these beautiful handmade brushes. They can be just beautiful to look at but they’re also made to be used! Look below for a quick demo of how they might be used and enjoy experimenting with them in your personal journal or to get a little creative mark-making in your own work.


See how fun?! These are just beautiful. I’m hoping someone else can enjoy them as much as I do!