Morning Pages


Have you ever read The Artists Way? I read it years ago, but it's come up a few times in conversations recently and I'm wondering if it might be time to pull it out again. One of the exercises she teaches is to keep what she calls "Morning Pages" where you free-write three pages every single morning to clear your mind and make room for the day's creative work. ⁣⁣

One of my goals this year is to learn about the root of - and overcome - some limiting beliefs I've held. The self-sabotaging patterns and mindsets need to go but there's a lot I don't yet understand about them. One way I've been working through this is by re-igniting my journaling habit. Writing is a huge processing tool for me. From dreams, to questions. To problems and solutions. To prayers and answers. To messy brain dumping. I think what meditation is to the nervous system, and prayer is to the soul, so is morning pages for the brain. I'll be using a journal just like this one to keep the habit of Morning Pages again as part of my morning rhythm. It's an A5 Travelers Journal made from this beautiful African Indigo Mudcloth.   I've just listed 2 of them in the shop along with a few other journal updates if you love journalling too and need something fresh and versatile to tuck in your bag!  ⁣⁣

Julie Kittredge