Survey Says ....

Can you believe it’s April? And in the next breath, can you even believe they are forecasting snow for this weekend? I don’t know if you remember, at the beginning of the year I sent out a survey asking you what you would find meaningful as I begin planning for 2019. Want to know how you responded?

60% of you said you would love online courses featuring DIY Artsy projects

The top three topical interests represented by 50-60% of you were …

  • Honing in on what you really want and how to take the next steps to get there

  • Soul Care - understanding it, learning how to cultivate it

  • Building a lifestyle that reflects your deepest values

Exactly half of you indicated an interest in 1:1 ceramics lessons

And a whopping 75% of you said you are not a creative business owner. I guess I know what I’m NOT going to talk about in this space! Lol.

So as I move forward with ideas of how I can serve you best, I do have some plans up my sleeve that may marry your interest in intentional living and soul care, along with a creative response which I think will be really unique and fun. The easiest thing I can implement immediately are a couple of Saturdays per month where you join me in the JK Tiny Studio for 2 hours of playing with clay! Did you miss the Survey? Click the button, I want to hear from you!! I’m leaning heavily on the feedback as I move forward with a few major decisions in the next 6-9 months.


If you would love to play with clay on a Saturday morning with me, click this button to reserve your spot! Only 2 slots available for May — we’re going to test this out and see how it goes!


P.S. The Spring Clean Up Sale is extended through Sunday by special request! Take 20% Off your entire purchase by using promo code SPRING in the shop.

CreativeJulie Kittredge