Mother's Day Shop Update

I've been a mom for over 18.5 years now. That's really hard to believe, but with that much time there are a few things I've learned about motherhood that might resonate if you are a mom, have a mom, or know a mom. 

  • I know we do the best we know how in the season that we are in.

  • I know our kids will sometimes make choices that don't reflect what we want for them, but we love them anyway.

  • I know deep down our kids respect (not necessarily listen) when we gently correct and stand firm in our convictions - it teaches them to do the same which is exactly what they are doing as teens, their convictions might just be a *little* different.

  • I know when we see our kids, really SEE them, it spells L-O-V-E.

  • I know when we allow them to exercise their voice and respectful opinions, it teaches them to think. Even if we choose to disagree. Learning how to disagree respectfully is a skill all of us need. 

  • I know I (and they) make lots of mistakes, but by the Grace of God, and boatloads of prayer they turn out okay anyway. 

  • I know the teen years can be hard. Just remember they are doing the hard work of separation. It's important and healthy work. Don't take it personally. Just guide.

  • I know there is no manual for this gig. And we filter through a lot of conflicting advice on how to do it well. None of that advice prepares you for your unique family setup and life circumstances. Stay in your lane. You have to build confidence to do what's right for your family regardless of the opinions of others. 

  • I know that every mom needs support. Every single mom. You might not have kids of your own, but I bet you know someone who could use the emotional support you can offer. No matter what age her kids are, affirm her, tell her she's a great mom. Tell her you're proud of her. Her heart needs to hear she's a great mom. 

  • I know that coffee is fuel. Her heart needs coffee too. :) 

I wanted to offer these mugs and pour overs so long ago, but with the kiln setback I'm grateful to be able to offer them just in time for Mother's Day! 

There are a few pour overs sold individually in the shop to use with your favorite mug at home, or you can mix and match your own set with a mug from the shop. What about Mother's Day? Is Mom more of a flower person? Pick a pretty cluster of flowers and cut the stems short. Add them to one of the sweet bud vases to delight her with a little piece of art she can fill with flowers all year long. These bud vases are perfect for a window sill, or a small accent piece in a vignette.

Maybe you need to pick your own gift - no shame in that! Celebrate that you are a great mom or mother figure in someone's life, you love your kids, you love other peoples kids, you love your nieces and nephews, you love your neighbors kids, you love the kids in your classroom, every woman is a roll model. What. A. Privilege! 

And if you are a Mom? I'm so proud of you. You're doing hard work.