Julie Kittredge: Artist, Speaker, Coach and Course Creator for the Intentional Woman & Creative Entrepreneur
Equipping Creative Women to Build an Intentional Life and Business


Personal or Business Coaching for the Intentional Woman.



Coaching is an awesome tool to move forward with accountability, direction, and instruction. I help you make more confident choices and build a more intentional life and business. Choose the option that best fits your needs.


Personal Coaching

Sometimes you need a guide to help you identify your next steps to get free from bitterness, repeating cycles, or to begin to build a life that represents the true you.

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Small Business Coaching

Would you love to create a business around the things that you value? I can help you develop a clear message that attracts the audience of your dreams.


Online Courses

If one-on-one coaching is not a good fit right now, my online courses can serve as a great option to learn what I teach in my speaking and group sessions.