Julie Kittredge: Artist, Speaker, Coach and Course Creator
Equipping Creatives to Get their Work Off the Back Burner and Out Into the World

Our Story


I have been an artist all my life. But I repeatedly allowed the expectations of others, our culture, and childhood messages to keep art from ever becoming a priority - until I found myself resentful, bitter, and broken. The creative lifestyle has always coursed through my veins and my desire to make my living as an artist continued to tap on my soul through various work roles, hardships, and motherhood. I continued to put art as a lifestyle on the back burner thinking it wasn’t “practical” or lacked value. Then, over the course of several years of healing and wholeness, I found my voice, I got brave, and I changed my story. Since 2015, I have fulfilled a lifelong dream of becoming a ceramic artist. I was ready to step out into something that I was terrified of failing at.. Being true to my creative calling has been the most terrifying and the most rewarding experience. I have an unshakable drive to learn and create. And I can think of nothing better than to encourage and equip my fellow creatives who wrestle with the same messages that I have.


Own Your Story.


On the business side, through the years, I've grown weary of the conflicting and unrealistic marketing advice available on the internet. The "strategies" and “funnels” never felt authentic nor did they seem to apply to creative businesses and real people with a family life. Using my personal experience as a veteran small business owner and my own ceramics business as a personal case study of what works, I work with passionate creative business women who want to build a purposeful business that reflects their personal values and message but struggle with the technology know-how or business mindedness to be successful. I know business-sense can make sense to the creative who just wants to make stuff.

On a personal level I value a simple, creative, and healthy lifestyle. My faith journey is what has carried me through life but my walk has it's own cadence. I’ve learned that I have a rebel spirit that has it’s struggles but is totally beautiful too. I've learned to value intentionalism and authenticity, it's the underlying theme of everything I do. I’m a leader, not a follower. I want to inspire others to live and do business authentically. I want to be a bit counter-cultural laced with compassion. I want to create a space where women are equipped to live creatively and honestly.  I want to make choices that are brave and true. I want my sweet family of 5 to know they are loved. I want to live every day of my life as though my days are numbered!