Julie Kittredge
Creativity & Consulting




44 Intentions I hope to accomplish in the next 5 years (2017-2022)  


  1. hire a budding artist/highschooler to do my graphic design projects
  2. collaborate on a project that raises funds for people in need in my community
  3. develop one new online course every three months #juliekittredgeconsulting
  4. collaborate with local area businesses on a panel discussion that supports other area businesses
  5. speak at a conference
  6. still be in business :) I aim to not be a statistic.  


  1. go on my first backcountry backpacking trip in 2017
  2. go on 3 more backpacking trips
  3. tutor a refugee in ESL to equip them for self sufficiency
  4. go on a girls-only camping trip.  
  5. go on an annual silent retreat. 
  6. change all beauty products to be without toxins. 
  7. be able to play 5 new songs on my guitar by the end of each year


  1. build a backyard pottery shed #juliekittredgeceramics
  2. invest in my own kiln [DONE Free Kiln 4/2017]
  3. sell ceramics in person 1x/year at a show
  4. write and publish a physical book
  5. write and publish an e-book
  6. become more brave in my street photography - get closer to people. 
  7. develop a daily sketching habit
  8. coordinate or contribute to a collaborative art installation that is used as a fundraiser for a cause I care about. 

Health: Spiritual. Mental. Physical.

  1. establish an early morning rhythm (sooo hard for me!) 
  2. start running summer 2017
  3. keep running through all 12 months of the year (in Chicago!) 
  4. eat greens every day [DONE - 5 out of 7 days]
  5. pray and mediate daily
  6. spend time in God's Word daily
  7. journal morning-pages 5 days a week
  8. incorporate yoga 3x/wk for 2 months straight
  9. incorporate strength training 3x/wk for 2 months straight


  1. date my husband 2x/month in 2017
  2. plan monthly FFO's (Forced Family Outings)
  3. eat at least 1 meal per week as a family
  4. hike locally on 52 different trails (and publish an e-book about it) #k&jhike52x
  5. successfully launch 2 of my 3 kids into independence 
  6. stay in a cabin in the smokey mountains as a family
  7. take one beach vacation as a a family


  1. remain debt free 
  2. save cash to replace our 1987 pop-up camper [DONE 4/2017]
  3. open and contribute to a Roth IRA
  4. Learn about running a financially healthy business (Recommended Reading: Profit First)
  5. year 4 double the amount of income I made in year 1
  6. pay extra annually on our mortgage to pay it off early
  7. save to replace our 2nd car & pay cash

I've learned to value intentionalism and authenticity as I journey in this life. It's the underlying theme of everything I do. I want to inspire others to live and do business authentically. I want to make choices that make a difference. I want my sweet family of 5 to know they are loved. I want to live every day of my life as though my days are numbered!  

Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.
— Psalm 90:12