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Intentional. Creative. Authentic. 

Julie has been coaching and speaking to small business audiences for over five years. Over the course of 20 years of entrepreneurship and coaching, her natural creativity and business savvy have created a unique ability to empathize with the unique needs of the small business owner.

Julie teaches creative, intentional, and authentic solutions for content marketing in the ever changing world of social media. During her years of coaching, she’s met hundreds of business owners who feel uncertain about how to use the platforms intentionally and are frustrated with their results. Julie can personalize the content to your organization’s needs. Use the contact form below to inquire about availability and share details of your organization. A detailed summary of any topic is available upon request. 


Speaking Topics for 2018


Professionalize your Presence

Learn simple truths for building your online presence so that it’s recognizable, consistent, and intentional. You will leave with easy fix ideas to streamline your website, clarify your branding, and professionalize your social media efforts. Simple to implement but makes a big impact.

Simple Strategies for Social Media Marketing

Learn how to simplify your social media marketing efforts with tips that help you create engaging content, tools that save time, and a marketing mindset that is not sales-y.

DIY Marketing Graphics for the Non-Creative Entrepreneur

This program is for entrepreneurs who need high quality DIY graphics in your marketing tool kit but struggle with the know-how. We’ll talk stock photography, quick smartphone photography tips, and my favorite resource for creating beautiful graphics with a demo! You can easily step up your marketing game!. (this program requires internet access for demo)

 Common Mistakes Businesses Make when Customer’s Aren't Engaging

Engagement can be tricky. Are you spinning your wheels wondering why your customers aren’t interacting with your content? We’ll discuss some of the common mistakes businesses make and action steps you can take to help attract and engage the kind of customer who can’t wait to buy from you.

Work From Home Tips for the Solopreneur

Working alone has a unique set of challenges.  You have to do everything! We’ll talk about making the best use of your time, ideas for marketing content, productivity, batching, systems, scheduling and more! Lots of tools will be shared that can help make your workday and workflow more efficient.

Harnessing Instagram as a Marketing Tool

Instagram is a fantastic platform for visual marketers. It's easy to use in partnership with other social media platforms as well. You'll leave this class with practical tips for using Instagram to market your business and your brand. We’ll discuss ideas for attracting & engaging your customers, content ideas, and ways to use the story feature.

Creative Use of Pinterest as a Marketing Tool

Pinterest is an underutilized tool for marketing and its not just for creatives or retail businesses! Service-based businesses can use Pinterest effectively too if your target audience is women in the 25-55 age range. We’ll talk about strategies, tips, and outside the box ideas that any business can use with a little creative thinking!



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What people are saying

Insightful and creative, Ms. Kittredge adds value to each session with effective instructions and depth of knowledge. Julie provides informative, entertaining programs filled with life hacks that attendees can use immediately.
— A.Y.
I was incredibly pleased to work with Julie Kittredge when she worked w/AHML and was relieved that she would stay connected to libraries by offering her quality programs. I’ve booked two sessions w/her s and our patrons noted they received great value in her presentations in the feedback they provided to me. She has a relevant span of topics to select from, which certainly apply to our business-minded patrons, she keeps the content current, and has an extremely professional presence. The public library networks are fortunate that she understands library culture and responds to our community’s interests so well.
— P
Julie was an outstanding presenter and very knowledgeable about social media for small business. The audience was very engaged.
— P
Julie’s program was practical and engaging. She makes social media marketing seem much less overwhelming!
— J.H.
Fantastic Facebook program, I learned a lot!
— M.D.