Intentional. Creative. Authentic. 

Julie has been coaching and speaking to small business audiences for over five years. Over the course of 20 years of entrepreneurship and coaching, her natural creativity and business savvy have created a unique ability to empathize with the unique needs of the small business owner.

Julie teaches creative, intentional, and authentic solutions for content marketing in the ever changing world of social media. During her years of coaching, she’s met hundreds of business owners who feel uncertain about how to use the platforms intentionally and are frustrated with their results. Julie can personalize the content to your organization’s needs. Use the contact form below to inquire about availability and share details of your organization. A detailed summary of any topic is available upon request. 


Speaking Topics for 2019


Creating A Newsletter That Captivates Your Audience

Building your E-newsletter list with the kind of folks who can't wait to buy your work is the goldmine of your business. In this talk, Julie will share elements of building a list that loves you including how to attract the RIGHT people to your list, how to develop content so it’s purposeful, and inspiration for developing a plan so you know exactly what and when to communicate to your growing list.

Crush Your Cash Flow with Multiple Streams of Income

One key to a successful small business and consistent cash flow is to move beyond offering a single product or service. In this session Julie will provide inspiration and resources for at least 5 options your business can consider for creating multiple streams of income that can add value to the services or products you already provide your audience.

Personal Branding: Understand the Impact of What You Share Online

Every time you share something online, you are building a personal brand whether you know it or not. In this program you will learn what it means to build a personal brand, practical tips for being intentional about the message you are sending, and the impact it can have on you personally and professionally.  

This program was spot on and caused me to reconsider how I present myself online. Thank you!
— Joe

DIY Marketing Graphics for Any Skill Level

This program is for entrepreneurs who need high quality DIY graphics in your marketing tool kit but struggle with the know-how. We’ll talk stock photography, quick smartphone photography tips, and my favorite resource for creating beautiful graphics with a demo! You can easily step up your marketing game!. (this program requires internet access for demo)

Julie was very informative, answered questions, was clear and easy to listen to, gave examples and showed exactly how to do what she was teaching. I feel she really wanted to help us and I appreciate her for it. I’m keeping my notes from this program.
— Jennifer
You are a wonderful, engaging presenter. By attending and discussing, I walked away with new skills, tools, and insights for social media marketing. My favorites were Canva, telling your story, and being generous. I have seen MANY talks and yours is on the top of my list … Bravo.
— Curt

Work From Home Tips for the Solopreneur

Working alone has a unique set of challenges.  You have to do everything! We’ll talk about making the best use of your time, ideas for marketing content, productivity, batching, systems, scheduling and more! Lots of tools will be shared that can help make your workday and workflow more efficient.

My sister in law & I LOVED your seminar last night and we were very inspired by it! We just wanted to say thank you! We couldn’t stop talking about how hard it hit home for us!! I will definitely be implementing a lot of what I learned, especially about creating schedule and routine, and getting better at saying no. I loved that “heck yes” motto you live by!! SO GOOD!
— Amy

Harnessing Instagram as a Marketing Tool

Instagram is a fantastic platform for visual marketers. You'll leave this session with practical tips for using Instagram to develop a brand that is different from others in your industry. We’ll discuss:

  • Ideas for engaging your audience

  • Inspiration for what to post

  • Resources for stock photography & tips for your own smartphone photography

  • How to use hashtags strategically

  • Apps that partner well with Instagram

  • Creative ways to use the story feature

Your workshop was terrific and very popular!
— Cat
Insightful and creative, Ms. Kittredge adds value to each session with effective instructions and depth of knowledge. Julie provides informative, entertaining programs filled with life hacks that attendees can use immediately.
— Anna


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