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Julie has been coaching and speaking to small business audiences for 4 1/2 years as a small business advisor at the local library.  Julie’s passion for small business began when she helped manage her husband’s business and then subsequently began her own professional photography services. Over the course of 20 years of entrepreneurship and coaching, her natural creativity and her business savvy have created a unique ability to empathize with the unique needs of the small business owner.

Julie teaches creative, intentional, and authentic solutions for content marketing in the ever changing world of social media. During her years of coaching, she’s met hundreds of business owners who feel uncertain about how to use the platforms intentionally and are frustrated with their results. One of Julie’s favorite things is to teach teams and organizations to use social media effectively. Whether it’s as a communication tool or marketing tool, she can personalize the content to your organization’s needs. Use the contact form to inquire about availability and share details of your organization.



Speaking Topics for 2017 – 2018

Social Media Tips for Creative Entrepreneurs

DIY Graphics for your Social Media Content

Photography Tips for DIY Product Shots 

Best Practices and Resources for Building a Professional Online Platform

Tips for Taking Awesome Pictures with Your Smartphone (this program has greater impact if airplay is available)

Harnessing Instagram as a Marketing Tool (airplay is nice but not required)

Creative Use of Pinterest as a Marketing Tool

Get the Most Out of Facebook As A Marketing Tool

Using Twitter Strategically and with Less Noise

5 Tips to Attract & Engage Your Ideal Customer

10 Apps for Business Productivity

*A summary of each program is available on request.


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What people are saying

“Fantastic Facebook program, I learned a lot! “ ~M.D. 
“Julie’s program was practical and engaging. She makes social media marketing seem much less overwhelming!”  ~J.H.