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Julie has been speaking for women, mom’s, and small business audiences for 8 years. As a lifelong learner Julie loves to share the stories and lessons of her life’s journey with vulnerability and authenticity. She and her husband are celebrating 20 years of marriage (backpacking!) and are currently experiencing the delightful unpredictability of parenting two teens and one tween. Oh and the joys of a spazy dog too.  :) 


Speaking Topics for 2018


The Mindful Woman :: Building an intentional life

Balance is elusive to most of us moms. Work, marriage, family, friends, home, errands, finances, health ... self.  How does one woman create a life of meaning when it feels like the day to day responsibilities and relationships are running her to the ground? How do you intentionally create a lifestyle that reflects your values and aligns with who you ultimately want to become? In this workshop, Julie will share bits of her story along with practical tools that can help you identify what it might look like to begin living more intentionally in your own life.



Becoming “Creative” Inside the Boundaries of Your Life

Becoming Creative isn't just for the artist, photographer, writer, musician, etc. Julie is creative in the traditional sense, but her passion is to inspire women to nurture their own life experiences and gifts. Becoming Creative means finding ways to incorporate the things that are meaningful to them within the boundaries of their season, their circumstances and their gifts. Julie inspires her audience to make time for the things that make their soul sing at a level that is realistic and meaningful for their current season.



Ditch Resolutions … It Only Takes One Word

The power of choosing to focus on One Word can change the trajectory of your entire year. Julie shares the why and the how of discerning your One Word through her personal stories of how the Lord has used One Word each year to change her life. (good for January or the beginning of a new season)



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What people are saying

Julie’s warm and engaging speaking style had us MOPS (Mothers of PreSchoolers) hooked right away. We were all inspired as she encouraged us to embrace what our own type of creative is, and to think beyond traditional definitions of the word. Julie is encouraging, relatable, and inspirational!
— Tricia
The Mindful Woman: Building an Intentional Life workshop was so inspiring! It was an evening full of thoughtful and real conversations between women. I left the workshop realizing that we are all searching for the same things – what is our purpose? How can we enjoy our life more? What do we value? Yet, we so often feel like we are the only ones thinking these thoughts. Julie was very relatable – she was open, kind and honest about her struggles, which created a safe space for everyone to voice their inner concerns (if they wanted to). It was a laid back, no pressure workshop. Her written exercises were thought provoking and the aha moments jumped off the paper at me! I recommend this workshop for any woman who wants to slow down and treat herself to an evening all about getting to know herself.
— Morgan
Julie is a passionate and engaging speaker with a wide range of talents and an authentic soul. This makes it easy for her to connect with so many. She inspires people to be better and that is a mark of a good speaker!
— Liz